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SAMHSA Teen Suicide Prevention Campaign

How to help support and extend the reach of the campaign

On March 31, 2010, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), along with the Ad Council and the Inspire USA Foundation launched a new Teen Suicide Prevention public service advertising campaign, the first teen suicide prevention effort from SAMHSA to utilize a national mass media strategy, as well as a robust digital outreach to troubled teens.

We can Help US CampaignThe PSA Campaign

The PSA campaign, called We Can Help US, was developed from the insight that many teens encounter the same tough times, but many also develop positive solutions to help them get past them. Whatever their problem, the campaign reminds teens that there are positive, constructive ways to get through it. The ads empower struggling teens to overcome their issues and drive them to to hear stories from others like them who successfully conquered their tough times. The campaign includes television, radio and print advertising, as well as mall and in-school posters and viral videos. features stories from teens as well as fact sheets to help cope with tough issues and links to resources including the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for teens in need of immediate help. Click here to view information for the PSA.

Upon launch, the PSAs are distributed nationally for placements in time and space that will be donated by the media.  In addition to our outreach, here are a few ways that organizations interested in suicide prevention – both local and national – can help to promote the new PSA campaign and the accompanying online resources to their chapters, memberships and constituents.

  1. Forward the launch announcement to your constituents on list-serves or in personal correspondence
  2. Post the new PSAs on your organization’s website, as well as a link (provided) to the launch announcement
  3. Discuss the campaign in your newsletters and other publications
  4. Post the release and share the PSAs, viral videos and the link to on your social media channels (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  5. Discuss the campaign at your organization’s conferences and any additional conferences
  6. Make local schools and school counselors aware of the PSA campaign and its online resources.
  7. Introduce local youth-focused organizations to campaign materials to be shared with youth members.
  8. Reach out to your contacts in local and national media to encourage them to run the PSAs in donated placements.
    1. Guide to contacting the media:
      1. Use local statistics to advocate for the need for such materials in your community.
      2. Provide information about the campaign, including target audience, facts, stats, and available PSA assets.
      3. Follow up regularly to encourage placements.

We really appreciate any help you can offer to help reach vulnerable youth and amplify these potentially lifesaving messages. We would be happy to discuss any specific ways we can work with you to extend the reach of this critical campaign.

Last Update: 3/30/2010