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Of Kindred Minds: The Ties that Bind

Jacqueline P. Butler, M.S.W., L.I.S.W.


As has often been said, the whole of any matter is greater than the sum of its parts. This statement is particularly useful in trying to understand and distinguish racial, ethnic, and cultural groups from one another. Although surface similarities and differences are readily apparent, observable, and describable, the dynamic connective factors and forces that give groups wholeness, uniqueness, and unity within their own diversity are usually of a different nature and are less easily discernible and recognized. Groups are bound together by the intangible, nonmaterial elements of culture. An awareness and understanding of the deepest level cultural components that identify and distinguish groups and give them meaning have practical as well as theoretical implications for those in the social science arenas.

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Contributed on 12/6/2012

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