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Georgia Peer Support

Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities


This Section of the Division promotes and supports the pursuit of a meaningful life in the community for all of Georgia’s consumers, which includes promoting recovery. The word consumer as applied here refers to people that receive services related to a mental health issue, developmental disability, and/or addictive disease. In supportive and healthy environments that promote recovery and combat stigma, an individual with mental health or addiction issues may lead a life facing just the ordinary challenges that others do. While we have no expectation that a developmental disability will go away, there are some components of recovery that would apply to the life of an individual with a developmental disability in the same way they would to an individual with a mental health or addictive disease challenge. A specific example of this is that one component of recovery is that it is holistic, which means that a person’s recovery is supported by their mental health, physical health, the community, and spirituality. Individuals with developmental disabilities have holistic needs also. We believe that a meaningful life in the community is possible for everyone.

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Contributed on 4/12/2010

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