FY 2002 Grant Opportunity
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Application Information:

Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS)

Targeted Capacity Expansion: National Technical Assistance Center for the Mental Health Services Needs of Older Adults

Guidance for Applicants (GFA) No. SM02-016

Federal Register Notice: June 27, 2002

Receipt date: August 8, 2002

SAMHSA-CMHS announces the availability of funds for an Older Adult Technical Assistance, which will identify, synthesize and disseminate the knowledge base for mental health outreach, prevention, early intervention, assessment, and treatment services for older persons.

It is estimated that a total of $900,000 will be available to support one award in FY 2002.

This announcement is a reissue of the Group II portion of GFA No. SM 02-009, which was withdrawn on June 17, 2002 (see Federal Register Volume 67, Number 116, page 41254, for notice of this program withdrawal). 

The Group I initiative of the Targeted Capacity Expansion program within GFA No. SM 02-009 was unaffected by the withdrawal of the Group II component for the National Technical Assistance Center. The awardees for the Targeted Capacity Expansion Program Group I initiative of GFA No. SM 02-009 will be referred to hereafter as Group I Awardees.

For reference, GFA No. SM 02-009 was published in April 2002.  Although the application period closed on June 17, the GFA text remains available in downloadable format on the SAMHSA website, www.samhsa.gov. Look under the "Grant Opportunities" section.

Who Can Apply?

Eligibility to apply for the National Technical Assistance Center will be limited to domestic public and private nonprofit entities.

Additional Information:

For questions on program issues, contact:

  • Betsy McDonel Herr, Ph.D.
  • Government Project Officer (GPO)
  • Center for Mental Health Services
  • Room 11C-22 Parklawn Building
  • 5600 Fishers Lane
  • Rockville, Maryland 20857
  • Phone (301) 594-2197
  • Fax (301)443-0541
  • E-mail: bmcdonel@samhsa.hhs.gov
  • For questions on grants management issues, contact:

  • Steve Hudak
  • Division of Grants Management
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
  • Room 13-103
  • 5600 Fishers Lane
  • Rockville, MD 20857
  • (301) 443-9666
  • E-mail: shudak@samhsa.hhs.gov

  • SAMHSA applications consist of three parts:
    1. "Part I: Programmatic Guidance" of the Guidance for Applicants (GFA)
    provides details about the specific program. 

    Click here to download Part I of this GFA in WordPerfect 6/7/8.

    "Plain Language" format

    "Printer Friendly" format (Coming Soon)

    Click here to download Part I of this GFA in Adobe Acrobat

    "Plain Language" format

    "Printer Friendly" format (Coming Soon)


    2. "GFA Part II" gives standard provisions for SAMHSA applications.  However, not all GFAs require Part II.  The latest edition of Part II is always available by mail or for electronic downloading from this website. 

    GFA Part II is required for this GFA; click here for more information and to download a copy of the file.

     3. SAMHSA applications require forms PHS 5161 and SF-424.  These forms are available online from the Program Support Center of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. 

    Click here to download Forms PHS 5161 and SF-424.


    For further information on these forms and the application process, see Information on the Grant Application Process.


    For a complete application kit, including Parts I and II, Call the CMHS Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN):

    • 800-789-2647

    • 800-443-9006 TTY

    • 301-984-8796 FAX


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