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FY 2002 Grant Funding Awards

SAMHSA's Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT)

TI02-006: Development of Comprehensive Drug/Alcohol and Mental Health Treatment

Last updated October 10, 2002

Grant #

Organization Name





1 TI13883-01 Integrated Life Center, Inc Decatur GA Lowe, Dion 600,000
1 TI13885-01 Camillus House, Inc Miami FL Cawley, Patricia 599,769
1 TI13890-01 Amethyst, Inc Columbus OH O'Keeffe, Virginia 382,274
1 TI13909-01 Star of Hope Houston TX Patton, Jessica 470,398
1 TI13912-01 Truman Medical Center, Inc Kansas City MO Hendee, Ronald 558,601
1 TI13914-01 University of New Mexico Albuquerque Albuquerque NM Slesnick, Natasha 600,000
1 TI13919-01 Meta House, Inc Milwaukee WI Feinberg, Francine 600,000
1 TI13920-01 Bexar Cty Board Mntl Hlth & Mntl Retard San Antonio TX Lozano, Gilbert 599,924
1 TI13923-01 Colorado Coalition for Homeless Denver CO Real, Jack 599,642
1 TI13926-01 Park Ridge Hospital Rochester NY Morgan, Linda 523,738
1 TI13943-01 Health & Hospital Corp of Marion County Indianapolis IN Jones, Dennis 600,000
1 TI13946-01 Contra Costa County Hlth Service Martinez CA Bussey, Keith 600,000
1 TI13955-01 Ridgeview Psychiatric Hosp & Ctr Oak Ridge TN Benning, Robert 599,922
1 TI13965-01 Northern Illinois Cncl/Alc/Substnce Abus Round Lake IL Fried, Judy 600,000
1 TI13978-01 Fortune Society New York NY Richards, Stanley 600,000
1 TI13985-01 Horizon House, Inc Philadelphia PA Dunbeck, David 586,574
1 TI14035-01 San Francisco Dept Pub Hlth San Francisco CA Bamberger, Joshua 599,769
1 TI14084-01 Gateway Cmnty Servs Jacksonville FL Hodgkins, Candace 600,000
1 TI14148-01 Community Connections Washington DC Harris, Maxine 586,711

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This page was last updated on 10 October, 2002
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