FY 2001 Grant Opportunity

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April 6, 2001

Application Information:

CSAT American Indian/Alaska Native Community Planning Program

Guidance for Applicants (GFA) No. TI01-009

The American Indian and Alaskan Native (AI/AN) Planning Grants go to such communities to support community planning and consensus building, leading to the development of local substance abuse treatment system plans. The plans would describe how tribal governments, organizations providing services to urban Indian communities, and other indigenous community organizations will work together to deliver integrated substance abuse treatment and related services, such as HIV/AIDS prevention, mental health services, primary care, and other public health services. The CSAT American Indian/Alaskan Native Planning Grants Program is made up of two types of grants: Phase I, which is the Development of a community planning process; and Phase II, which is the Implementation of a services integration plan. This announcement is only for Phase I grants. Contingent upon future funding and the accomplishments of Phase I projects, CSAT may issue a future, "Phase II" announcement to support implementation of plans developed during Phase I.

Receipt date: July 10, 2001 

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