FY 2001 Grant Opportunity

Grant Opportunities
March 14, 2001

Application Information:

CSAT Cooperative Agreements for Strengthening Communities in the 

Development of Comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Treatment Systems for Youth 

Guidance for Applicants (GFA) No. TI 01-004 

The Strengthening Communities-Youth cooperative agreements are intended to encourage communities to strengthen their drug and alcohol identification, referral and treatment systems for youth. The goal of this cooperative agreement program is to assist communities in their efforts to address drug and alcohol problems among youth where there is a lack of a treatment system, infrastructure, and continuum of care to effectively intervene with the drug using youth population.

Receipt date: May 21, 2001 

Click here to find announcement in the online Federal Register for March 14, 2001
Click here to download Wordperfect 6/7/8 file of program announcement
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GFA Part II is required; click here for more information
For a printed copy of the grant announcement, call National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information (NCADI): 
  • 800-729-6686
  • 800-487-4889 TDD
or e-mail: info@health.org
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