FY 2001 Grant Opportunity

Grant Opportunities
March 14, 2001

Application Information:

Recovery Community Organization Development and 

Community Mobilization Program

Guidance for Applicants (GFA) No. TI 01-003

The Recovery Community Support Program is intended to foster the participation of people in recovery, their family members, and other allies (the recovery community) in the public dialogue about addiction, treatment, and recovery, and to build their capacity to identify, develop, and support treatment and recovery policies, systems, and services that meet their needs as they define them. Funded projects will encourage and facilitate participation by people in recovery and their family members in the planning, design, delivery, and evaluation of addiction treatment and recovery policies, systems, and services at the local, State, regional, and national levels. They will also promote linkages among recovery community members, and between the recovery community and service delivery systems. In addition, they will develop and conduct public education to help reduce the stigma associated with addiction, treatment, and recovery.

Applications for two separate Tracks will be funded under this Guidance for Applicants (GFA). 

  • Track I solicits applications from newly-formed or newly-forming recovery community organizations or facilitating organizations. 
  • Track II enables existing recovery community organizations and facilitating organizations that have demonstrated their capacity in recovery community organizing to expand or intensify their current program, or to replicate their promising program model in another setting.

Receipt date: May 16, 2001 

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