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FY 2011 SAMHSA Grant Awards

CSAT / TI-11-016
Projects to Deliver Peer-to-Peer Recovery Support Services (Short Title: Recovery Support Community Services Program - RCSP)

Award Number Grantee Organization Name Grantee City Grantee State Program Director Last Name Program Director First Name Award Amount
1 TI023882-01 SAARA OF VIRGINIA, INC. Richmond VA Blackwell Mark $274,000
1 TI023883-01 SERVING CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS IN NEED Laredo TX Craddock Christopher $274,000
1 TI023885-01 COUNCIL OF SOUTHEAST PENNSYLVANIA, INC. Doylestown PA Haberle Beverly $274,000
1 TI023887-01 EXPONENTS, INC. New York NY Rivera Sam $274,000
1 TI023888-01 RH HOME CARE Seattle WA Marshall-Ward James $274,000
1 TI023889-01 WOMEN IN NEW RECOVERY Mesa AZ Henderson Patricia $274,000
1 TI023890-01 AIDS SERVICE CENTER OF LOWER MANHATTAN New York NY Cummings Ramona $274,000
1 TI023892-01 COMMUNITY BRIDGES, INC. Mesa AZ Hogeboom John $273,477




Last updated: 10/14/2011