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FY 2011 SAMHSA Grant Awards

CMHS / SM-11-011
National Child Traumatic Stress Initiative Combined RFA: Treatment and Service Adaptation Centers - Category II and the Community Treatment and Services Centers - Category III

Award Number Grantee Organization Name Grantee City Grantee State Program Director Last Name Program Director First Name Award Amount
2 SM056091-09 CATHOLIC CHARITIES, INC. Jackson MS Wilson Kelly $400,000
2 SM056215-09 HUGO W. MOSER RES INST KENNEDY KRIEGER Baltimore MD Belcher Harolyn $399,982
2 SM058139-05 CHILDRENS HOSPITAL OF PHILADELPHIA Philadelphia PA Kazak Anne $598,465
2 SM058145-05 UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA Missoula MT van den Pol Rick $600,000
2 SM058147-05 UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND BALTIMORE Baltimore MD Kiser Laurel $600,000
2 SM058195-05 ALIVIANE, INC. El Paso TX Jimenez Dante $400,000
2 SM058196-05 LATINO HEALTH INSTITUTE, INC. Boston MA Montano-Lopez Ruben $399,999
2 SM058230-05 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY Lexington KY Sprang Mary $400,000
2 SM058232-05 COMMUNITY COUNSELING CENTER Portland ME Frances Rebecca $400,000
2 SM058234-05 CHILDREN'S HOME SOCIETY OF FLORIDA Pensacola FL Backlaw Cynthia $400,000
2 SM058241-05 CHILDREN'S INSTITUTE, INC. Los Angeles CA Ross Leslie $400,000
2 SM058252-05 MENTAL HLTH SVCS FOR HOMELESS PERSONS Cleveland OH Creeden Rosemary $400,000
2 SM060359-05 UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO DENVER Aurora CO Shipman Kimberly $399,951
2 SM060362-05 NEW YORK UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE New York NY Chemtob Claude $600,000
2 SM060444-05 NEW YORK UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE New York NY Saxe Glenn $598,934


Last updated: 10/14/2011