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A. Overview and Findings
A.1. Introduction
A.2. Format of the Report
A.3. Overview: Substate Regions, Ranking of Regions, and Small Area Estimation Methods
A.4. Comparability with Past Estimates
A.5. Discussion of Findings
A.5.1. Illicit Drug Use
A.5.2. Alcohol Use
A.5.3. Tobacco Use
A.5.4. Substance Dependence, Abuse, and Treatment Need
A.6. Caveats

B. Substate Region Estimation Methodology
B.1. Precision and Validation of the Estimates
B.2. Variables Modeled
B.3. Predictors Used in Logistic Regression Models
B.4. Updated Claritas Data
B.5. Selection of Independent Variables for the Models
B.6. Adjustment of Weights
B.7. General Model Description
B.8. Calculation of Average Annual Rate (Incidence) of First Use of Marijuana, Major Depressive Episode, and Underage Drinking

C. Tables and Maps of Model-Based Estimates for Substate Regions

D. Substate Region Definitions

E. Sample Sizes, Response Rates, and Population Estimates

F. References

G. List of Contributors

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