State Reports on Alcohol, Tobacco, and Illegal Drug Use

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Full reports by year:    2006,     2005,   2004 2003,   2002,  2001,  2000,  1999     1991-93  



  • 2002-2004: State estimates for use of types of illicit drug in lifetime, past year, & past month for population age 12 and older (annual estimates based on 2002-2004)  Word Documents



  •  The NSDUH Report:  Graduated Driver Licensing and Drinking Among Young Drivers Based on SAMHSA's National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 21% of young drivers aged 15 to 17 were binge drinkers and 6% were heavy drinkers during the combined years of 1999 to 2001. Rates of heavy drinking and binge drinking among young drivers varied by the States' Graduated Driver Licensing ratings, based on the extent to which they restrict driving behavior among young drivers. This report identifies the States categorized from most restrictive to least restrictive according to the 4 category rating scheme developed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the Traffic Injury Research Foundation.


  • The following Word documents provide direct survey estimates of adult alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drug use, substance dependence, mental health, co-occurring and unmet treatment need, and information on the State substance abuse and mental health systems within three of the most populous States in the United States in 2001 (Word Documents):

California (Word Document)

New York (Word Document)

Texas (Word Document)



  • 1999 State Estimates (HTML format):

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