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Figure 7.9 is titled "Reasons for Not Receiving Treatment among Persons Aged 12 or Older Who Needed and Made an Effort to Get Treatment But Did Not Receive Treatment and Felt They Needed Treatment: 2003 and 2004 Combined." It is a bar graph, where the percentage reporting a particular reason is shown on the horizontal axis, and the reasons for not receiving treatment are shown on the vertical axis.

Among persons who needed but did not receive treatment and felt they needed treatment, 42.5 percent did not receive treatment because of cost or insurance barriers, 25.3 percent because they were not ready to stop using, 21.5 percent because of access barriers other than cost, 17.8 percent because of stigma, 9.8 percent because they did not know where to go for treatment, 8.6 percent because they did not feel the need for treatment or they could handle the problem without treatment, 5.5 percent because they did not have time, and 1.0 percent because treatment would not help.

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