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Figure 3.1 is a stacked bar chart that shows past month alcohol use among persons aged 12 or older, by age group in 2002. The level of use is broken into three categories: heavy use, binge but not heavy, and use but not binge or heavy. The percentages for the three levels of alcohol use are stacked for each age group, giving a combined percentage. The combined percentage is lowest for persons aged 12 to 13 at 4.3 percent and generally increases up to a peak of 66.8 percent for persons aged 21 to 25. The combined percentage then levels off in the range of 58 to 62 percent for persons aged 26 to 49 and a range of 50 to 53 percent for those aged 50 to 64. The combined rate is 38.3 percent for persons aged 65 or older.

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