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2001 State Estimates of Substance Use

bulletNational data      bulletState level data       bulletMetropolitan and other subState area data

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Volume II:  Individual State Tables and Technical Appendices  Table of Contents (TOC)


List of Tables

List of Exhibits

Note: Appendices A to B  appear under separate cover in Volume 1.  Appendices C to H appear in Volume II.

A. Tables of Change Between the 1999–2000 and the 2000–2001 Model-Based Estimates (50 States and the District of Columbia), by Substance

B. Tables of Model-Based Estimates (50 States and the District of Columbia), by Substance

C. State-by-State Model-Based Tables

D. Tables Showing Estimated Numbers Based on Model-Based Estimates

E. State Estimation Methodology
     E.1. Measuring Change in State Estimates Between 1999–2000 and 2000–2001
     E.2. Validation of Methodology to Measure Change
          E.2.1 Replicate Formation Methodology
          E.2.2 Results of Validating the Small Area Estimates of Change Between 1999–2000 and 2000–2001
     E.3. Validation of Combined Prevalence-Level Estimates for 1999–2000
     E.4. Caveats
     E.5. SAE Methodology
          E.5.1 Background
          E.5.2 Goals of Modeling
          E.5.3 Variables Modeled
          E.5.4 Predictors Used in Logistic Regression Models
          E.5.5 Selection of Independent Variables for the Models
          E.5.6 General Model Description
          E.5.7 Implementation of Modeling
          E.5.8 Remarks
E.6. References

F. Description of Survey
     F.1. Sample Design
     F.2. Data Collection Methodology
     F.3. Data Processing
          F.3.1 Statistical Imputation
          F.3.2 Development of Analysis Weights
F.4. References

G. Statistical Methods and Limitations
     G.1. Target Population
     G.2. Nonsampling Error
          G.2.1 Screening and Interview Response Rate Patterns
          G.2.2 Inconsistent Responses and Item Nonresponse
          G.2.3 Validity of Self-Reported Use
     G.3. Incidence Estimates
     G.4. Serious Mental Illness Estimates
G.5. References

H. Other Sources of Data
     H.1. Other State Data
     H.2. Other National Data
          H.2.1 Illicit Drug Use
          H.2.2 Alcohol and Tobacco Use
          H.2.3 Substance Abuse and Dependence
     H.3. Surveys of Populations Not Covered by the NHSDA
H.4. References

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