Office of Applied Studies Reports Released in 2007
(listed from most recent to earliest release)

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12/13/07 The DASIS Report: Male Admissions with Co-occurring Psychiatric and Substance Use Disorders, 2005
11/23/07 2006 NSSATS:  Data on Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities
11/15/07 The NSDUH Report: Depression and the Initiation of Alcohol and Other Drug Use among Young Adults
11/09/07 The DASIS Report: Older Adults in Substance Abuse Treatment, 2005
11/02/07 The NSDUH Report: Serious Psychological Distress and Substance Use Disorder among Veterans
10/25/07 The DASIS Report: Marital Status and Substance Abuse Treatment Admissions, 2005
10/18/07 The OAS Report:  A Day in the Life of American Adolescents: Substance Use Facts
10/11/07 The NSDUH Report:  Depression Among Adults Employed Full-time by Occupational Category
10/05/07 The NSDUH Report: Substance Use Treatment among Women of Childrearing Age 
09/18/07 The NSDUH Report: Cigarette Use Among Blacks, 2005 and 2006
09/13/07 The DASIS Report:  Cocaine Route of Administration Trends, 1995-2005

2006 National Survey on Drug Use & Health (HTML)    (PDF)

08/23/07 The NSDUH Report:   Worker Substance Use by Industry Category
08/09/07 Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS) 1995-2005:  National Admissions to Substance Abuse Treatment Services (HTML)    (PDF format)
08/03/07 The NSDUH Report:  Gender Differences in Alcohol Use and Alcohol Dependence or Abuse - 2004 and 2005
07/20/07 The NSDUH Report:  Demographic and Geographic Variations in Injection Drug Use

Worker Substance Use and Workplace Policies and Programs  (OAS Analytic Series # A-29)

07/12/07 The DASIS Report:  Treatment Admissions with Medicaid as the Primary Expected or Actual Payment Source, 2005
07/05/07 The NSDUH Report: Patterns of Hallucinogen Use and Initiation: 2004 and 2005
06/26/07 The DASIS Report:  Admissions with Five or More Prior Treatment Episodes: 2005
06/19/07 The NSDUH Report:  Illicit Drug Use by Race/Ethnicity in Metropolitan and Non-Metropolitan Counties: 2004 and 2005
06/19/07 Comparing Drug Testing and Self Report of Drug Use Among Youths and Young Adults in the General Population
06/14/07 The DASIS Report:  Facilities Offering Special Treatment Programs or Groups
06/11/07 The NSDUH Report: State Estimates of Depression, 2004 & 2005
05/31/07 The DASIS Report: Adults Aged 65 or Older in Substance Abuse Treatment, 2005
05/23/07 The DASIS Report: Adolescent Treatment Admissions by Gender, 2005
05/16/07 The NSDUH Report:   Work Absences and Past Month Cigarette Use: 2004 and 2005
05/09/07 The DASIS Report:  Length of Stay for Outpatient Discharges Completing Treatment: 2004
05/03/07 The NSDUH Report: Depression and the Initiation of Alcohol and Other Drug Use among Youths Aged 12 to 17
04/25/07 The DASIS Report:  Heroin - - Changes in How It Is Used, 1995-2005
04/20/07 The NSDUH Report:  Youth Activities, Substance Use, and Family Income
04/12/07 The DASIS Report:  Hispanic Female Admissions in Substance Abuse Treatment, 2005
04/04/07 The NSDUH Report:  Patterns and Trends in Nonmedical Prescription Pain Reliever Use: 2002 to 2005 (includes data on oxycodone & hydrocodone products)
03/29/07 The NSDUH Report:  Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Substance Use
03/22/07 The NSDUH Report:  Religious Involvement and Substance Use Among Adults

The NSDUH Report:  Patterns and Trends in Inhalant Use by Adolescent Males and Females, 2002-2005

03/13/07 Drug Abuse Warning Network, 2005:  National Estimates of Drug-Related Emergency Department Visits
03/08/07 The NSDUH Report:  Use of Marijuana and Blunts among Adolescents, 2005
02/28/07 State Estimates of Substance Use from the 2004-2005 National Surveys on Drug Use and Health (HTML)       (PDF format)
02/21/07 Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS):  2005 Highlights (HTML)     (PDF format)
02/20/07 The NSDUH Report: Health Insurance and Substance Use Treatment Need
02/14/07 The NSDUH Report: Co-Occurring Major Depressive Episode and Alcohol Use Disorder among Adults
02/09/07 The NSDUH Report: Cigarette Use among Pregnant Women and Recent Mothers
02/02/07 The DASIS Report: Primary Alcohol Admissions Aged 21 or Older: Alcohol Only vs. Alcohol plus a Secondary Drug, 2005  
01/26/07 The NSDUH Report:  Methamphetamine Use
01/23/07 The NSDUH Report:  Substance Use and Substance Use Disorders among American Indians and Alaska Natives 
01/12/07 The NSDUH Report:  Cigarette Brand Preferences in 2005
01/05/07 The NSDUH Report:  Substance Use in the 15 Largest Metropolitan Statistical Areas, 2002-2005

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