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Appendix H: List of Contributors

This National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) report was prepared by the Division of Population Surveys, Office of Applied Studies (OAS), Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and by RTI International (a trade name of Research Triangle Institute), Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Work by RTI was performed under Contract No. 283-2004-00022.

Contributors at SAMHSA listed alphabetically, with chapter authorship noted, include Peggy Barker, Jonaki Bose, James Colliver (Chapter 2), Lisa Colpe (Chapter 8), Joseph Gfroerer (Chapters 1 and 9), Beth Han (Chapters 6 and 7), Arthur Hughes (Project Officer), Michael Jones (Chapter 4), Joel Kennet (Chapter 3), Pradip Muhuri (Chapter 5), and Dicy Painter.

Contributors and reviewers at RTI listed alphabetically include Jeremy Aldworth, Kimberly Ault, Ellen Bishop, Stephanie Bruns, Patrick Chen, James R. Chromy, Kristen Conner, Elizabeth Copello, David B. Cunningham, Teresa R. Davis, Elizabeth Dean, Ralph E. Folsom, Jr., Misty Foster, Peter Frechtel, Julia Gable, Wafa Handley, David C. Heller, Erica Hirsch, Ilona Johnson, Rhonda Karg, Lauren Klein, Larry A. Kroutil, Patty LeBaron, Mary Ellen Marsden, Martin Meyer, Katherine B. Morton, Scott Novak, Lisa E. Packer, Michael Pemberton, Jeremy Porter, Heather Ringeisen, Tania Robbins, Harley Rohloff, Kathryn Spagnola, Thomas G. Virag (Project Director), and Jiantong Wang.

Also at RTI, report and web production staff listed alphabetically include Teresa G. Bass, Cassandra M. Carter, Claudia M. Clark, Joyce Clay-Brooks, Kim Cone, Diane G. Eckard, Andrew Jessup, Shari B. Lambert, Danny Occoquan, Brenda K. Porter, Pamela Couch Prevatt, Roxanne Snaauw, Richard S. Straw, and Cheryl Velez. Final report production was provided by Beatrice Rouse, Coleen Sanderson, and Jane Feldmann at SAMHSA.

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