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2001 National Household  Survey on Drug Abuse

Table of Contents (TOC)

Volume I:   Summary of National Findings - -   Prevalence & Correlates of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Illegal Drug Use

Volume II: Technical Appendices and Selected Data Tables 

Volume III: Detailed Tables (PDF format)


Volume I: Summary of National Findings --  Prevalence & Correlates of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Illegal Drug Use

Cover (HTML format)     PDF format

List of Figures


Selected Drug Use Prevalence Tables for 2000 & 2001 (HTML format)

1. Introduction (HTML format)  PDF format    

     Summary of NHSDA
     Format of Report and Explanation of Tables
     Trend Measurement
     Other NHSDA Reports

2. Illicit Drug Use  (HTML format)  PDF format
     Pregnant Women
     College Students
     Geographic Area
     Criminal Justice Populations
     Frequency of Use
     Association with Cigarette and Alcohol Use
     Driving Under the Influence of Illicit Drugs 

3. Alcohol Use  (HTML format)    PDF format
     Underage Alcohol Use
     Pregnant Women
     College Students
     Geographic Area
     Association with Illicit Drug and Tobacco Use
     Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol 

4. Tobacco Use (HTML format)    PDF format
     Pregnant Women
     College Students
     Geographic Area
     Frequency of Cigarette Use
     Association with Illicit Drug and Alcohol Use
     Usual Brand of Cigarettes Smoked
     Youth Access to Cigarettes in the Past Month
     Specialty Cigarettes (Bidi and Clove Cigarettes)

5. Trends in Initiation of Substance Use (HTML format)     PDF format

6. Prevention-Related Measures (HTML format)   PDF format
     Perceptions of Risk
     Parental Disapproval
     Delinquent Behaviors among Youths Aged 12 to 17
     Youth Exposure to Prevention Messages and Programs
     Trends in Substance Use, by Risk and Protective Factors 

7. Substance Dependence, Abuse, and Treatment (HTML format)   PDF format 

     7.1 Substance Dependence and Abuse
           Age at First Use
           Geographic Area

     7.2 Treatment for a Substance Use Problem

     7.3 Needing and Receiving Treatment for an Illicit Drug Problem
          Geographic Area   

8. Prevalence and Treatment of Mental Health Problems (HTML format)    PDF format

     8.1 Serious Mental Illness
           Prevalence of Serious Mental Illness
           Serious Mental Illness and Substance Use
           Co-Occurrence of Serious Mental Illness with Substance Dependence/ Abuse

     8.2 Mental Health Treatment among Adults
           Treatment among Adults with Serious Mental Illness

     8.3 Mental Health Treatment among Youths

  9. Discussion (HTML format)    PDF format

      9.1 Recent Trends in Substance Use
            Comparisons with Other Data Sources
            Changes in the 2001 NHSDA
            New Questions on Ecstasy in 2001

     9.2 Long-Term Trends in Illicit Drug Use

     9.3 Changes in the Survey in 2002

Volume II: Technical Appendices and Selected Data Tables - Table of Contents
A. Description of the Survey (HTML format)    
B. Statistical Methods and Limitations of the Data (HTML format)    
C. Effects of Changes in Survey Protocol on Trend Measurement (HTML format)    
D. Key Definitions (HTML format)  
E. Other Sources of Data (HTML format)  
F. References (HTML format)  
G. Sample Size and Population Tables (HTML format)  
H. Selected Prevalence Tables (HTML format)  

PDF format for Appendices A to D in Volume II

PDF format for Appendices E to H in Volume II

Volume III: Detailed Tables (PDF format)

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