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Figure 1 is titled "Sample metropolitan area profile layout." It shows the general layout of each two-page profile. Each profile has a map and six components (tables and figures), labeled A through F.

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Figure A-1 is titled "DAWN case form." It is a copy of the form used by medical examiner or coroner (ME/C) recorders to collect information about DAWN ME/C visits, with the following note below the image: "SMA 100-2 REV. 12/2002." The major data items collected are facility ID, date of death, sex, age, ZIP code of decedent's last residence, place of death, ZIP code for place of death, race/ethnicity, factors supporting DAWN case determination, cause of death, manner of death, drug involvement in death, substance(s) involved, and route of administration.

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Figure A-2 is titled "DAWN decision tree." It is a flow chart, with the following note below the chart: "Rev. 4/29/2004." The flow chart shows the path taken by the medical examiner or coroner (ME/C) to decide the manner of death of a drug-related DAWN death. The first manner of death that applies is the manner of death assigned. After deciding a death is a DAWN case, the first applicable manner of death from the following list is applied to the visit: suicide, homicide by drugs, adverse reaction to medication, overmedication, accidental ingestion, all other accidental, could not be determined.

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