Outpatient Methadone Facilities

The National Treatment System: Outpatient Methadone Facilities from the Alcohol and Drug Services Study (ADSS) PDF format, 763 KB


  • Methadone is an opioid agonist medication used to treat heroin and other opiate addiction.  Methadone reduces the craving for heroin and other opiates by blocking the receptor sites that are affected by heroin or other opiates. 
  • This report provides national estimates for facilities that offer outpatient methadone treatment. It describes the relationship between methadone treatment practices and facility characteristics by examining facility size, ownership, amount of public revenue, urbanicity, level of facility affiliation, licensure, setting, services, and staffing composition. It provides information on treatment practices such as methadone dosing level and staffing patterns, and describes the characteristics of clients in treatment.

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