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Workforce Development and Training: Technical Assistance Report for the Co-occurring State Incentive Grants (COSIGs)

Author(s): SAMHSA's Co-occurring Center for Excellence (COCE)
Teaser: An in-depth presentation summary of issues facing and strategies for expanding and supporting the workforce serving people with co-occurring disorders
Link: | PDF - 528Kb

This presentation provides an overview of issues facing the workforce serving people with co-occurring disorders. It includes results from workforce surveys in Missouri, New York, and a survey of NAADAC professionals. In addition to factors that contribute to stress and support in the COD workforce, the presentation includes a description of required competencies, attitudes, and behaviors that are need for working with individuals with COD. It also includes strategies for supporting professional development, preventing burnout, and avoiding staff turnover.

Date retrieved: 1/20/11
Year published: 2008
Resource type: PDF/PowerPoint Presentation