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Special Topics

There are many consequences of undiagnosed, untreated, or undertreated co-occurring mental and substance use disorders. Studies show that compared to individuals without co-occurring disorders, people with co-occurring disorders were more likely to be:

  • Hospitalized,
  • Homeless,
  • Incarcerated, or
  • Infected with HIV, hepatitis, and other diseases.

Individuals with co-occurring disorders may seek services across service systems. Effectively serving individuals with co-occurring disorders means that staff can recognize a co-occurring disorder regardless of where the individual enters the system. Across systems, staff can ensure that:

  • Co-occurring conditions are detected early
  • Individuals are accessing the care that they need
  • Care is individualized and responsive to all conditions

Special Topics is designed to help administrators and providers serve individuals with co-occurring disorders who are involved in other systems including: