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Implementation of Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment: A Qualitative Analysis of Facilitators and Barriers

Author(s): Mary F. Brunette, M.D., Dianne Asher, L.S.C.S.W., Rob Whitley, Ph.D., Wilma J. Lutz, Ph.D., Barbara L. Wieder, Ph.D., Amanda M. Jones, M.A. and Gregory J. McHugo, Ph.D.
Teaser: Integrating co-occurring disorders treatment in community mental health centers
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This report describes the integration of co-occurring disorders treatment by a sample of community mental health centers. Facilitators and barriers to implementation are described. The results confirmed the importance of the consultant-trainer as well as the need for intensive activities at multiple levels to facilitate implementation.

Date retrieved: 1/14/11
Year published: 2008
Resource type: Journal article