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A Call to Action: Ending an American Tragedy: Addressing the Needs of Justice-Involved People with Mental Illness and Co-Occurring Disorders

Author(s): The National Leadership Forum on Behavioral Health/Criminal Justice Services
Teaser: This report highlights the needs of justice-involved people with co-occurring disorders and identifies the effective practices that communities can implement to meet those needs. The report provides four recommendations for immediate action: (1) the President should appoint a Special Advisor for Mental Health/Criminal Justice Collaboration; (2) federal Medicaid policies that limit or discourage access to more effective and cost-efficient health care services for individuals with co-occurring substance use disorders should be reviewed and action taken to create more efficient programs; (3) all states should create cross-system agencies, commissions, or positions charged with removing barriers and creating incentives for cross-agency activity at the state and local level; and (4) localities must develop and implement core services that comprise an Essential System of Care.
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Date retrieved: 4/22/11
Year published: 2009
Resource type: PDF