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Voice Awards 2014 Call for Nominations. Nominate now for SAMHSA's 2014 Voice Awards. Consumer/Peer leader nominations due Friday, April 4. TV and film nominations due Friday, April 18.

What Makes a Good Voice Awards Nomination?

The spirit of the Voice Awards is first and foremost to be dignified, accurate, and respectful. While people with mental health and/or substance use disorders face a variety of challenges, they also have a range of talents that make our communities stronger. The Voice Awards celebrates this by honoring those who use their extremely visible, influential and powerful platform — television and film — to make sure this reality reaches the public.

For serious consideration by the Voice Awards judges, productions nominated in the television and film category should portray:

  • Experiences that convey people with mental health and/or substance use disorders’ struggles with housing, employment, and overall community acceptance;
  • True representations of symptoms and disorders;
  • The potential for and journey of recovery; and
  • A sense of hope and optimism.

If you’re still not sure whether a production you’re considering nominating will pass the test, ask yourself if they embody an aspect, or aspects, of SAMHSA’s tagline:

Behavioral Health is Essential to Health. Prevention Works. People Recover. Treatment is Effective.

For more information about the Voice Awards, please contact Ryan Parks at 202–248-5457, or voiceawards@vancomm.com.
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