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Science and Service Awards


Two categories of providers are eligible: Opioid treatment programs (OTPs) and office-based opioid treatment (OBOT) practitioners To be eligible, OTPs must be: certified by SAMHSA; accredited by a SAMHSA-approved accreditation body; and, in good standing with their State Opioid Treatment Authority (SOTA). OBOT practitioners must: use, as part of their treatment protocol,  medications approved by the FDA for the treatment of opioid-related disorders; if using buprenorphine, be in compliance with the Drug Addiction Treatment Act of 2000 (DATA 2000); and, be in good standing with their State licensing boardThe award is specifically designed to recognize excellence in opioid treatment services and not in educational efforts. The application for the award may be submitted to recognize a program, a medical office/center, or an individual who provides direct care/services within those entitiesIn addition to the criteria noted above, eligible candidates must be able to demonstrate the successful implementation of an innovative evidence-based or promising practice/intervention that has been in effect in their clinical or administrative practice for a minimum of one year and can be shown to have improved program/practice outcomes

OTPs or OBOT practitioners wishing to voluntarily submit information regarding their implementation of an evidence-based or promising intervention are eligible for award selection. Both public sector (Federal, State, local, territorial, and tribal) and private sector organizations are eligible to compete for these awards. Interested organizations should go to the submission information web page for application information. The cover sheets should be completed and emailed to along with the five page application. Only one application per OTP and OBOT will be accepted for consideration.

Past recipients of a Science and Service Award are not eligible to apply for the 2013 Science and Service Award.

Last updated: 11/7/2012