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FY 2010 SAMHSA Grant Awards

DFC Mentoring Program

Award # Grantee Organization Name City State Program Director
Last Name
Program Director
First Name
1 SP017237-01 JUSTCOMMUNITY, INC. Quakertown PA Rush Lee $75,000
1 SP017239-01 UNITED WAY OF MERRICMACK COUNTY Concord NH Swett Shannon $75,000
1 SP017240-01 FRANKLIN REGIONAL COUNCIL OF GOVERNMENTS Greenfield MA Stoler Rachel $75,000
1 SP017243-01 CLINTON SUBSTANCE ABUSE COUNCIL Clinton IA Clark Derek $75,000
1 SP017251-01 PARTNERS IN PREVENTION-ROCK COUNTY, INC. Beloit WI Baldwin Kate $75,000
1 SP017252-01 COMMUNITIES FOR ALC/DRUG FREE YOUTH Plymouth NH Naro Debra $75,000
1 SP017256-01 BUTLER COUNTY ALCOHOL & DRG ADDCTN SERVS Hamilton OH Murray Karen $75,000
1 SP017263-01 SANDUSKY COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT Fremont OH Pollick David $75,000
1 SP017266-01 RENSSELAER COUNTY MENTAL HEALTH DEPT Troy NY Brennan Margaret $75,000
1 SP017267-01 COUNTY OF WASHINGTON Washington IA VanderWerff Kelly $75,000
1 SP017270-01 GENESEE COUNCIL ON ALC/SUBTANCE ABUSE Batavia NY Bowman Maryann $75,000
1 SP017272-01 FIVE TOWN COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT Camden ME Dutton Dalene $75,000
1 SP017276-01 LIBERTY CENTER CONNECTIONS, INC. Wooster OH Graves Leslie $75,000
1 SP017279-01 CHILDREN'S COUNCIL Lancaster SC Mueller Heather $75,000
1 SP017289-01 CLACKAMAS COUNTY CHILDREN'S COMMISSION Oregon City OR Cook Rodney $75,000
1 SP017290-01 MEDICAL CARE DEVELOPMENT, INC. Augusta ME Schmitz Erica $75,000

Last updated: 10/13/2010