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FY 2008 SAMHSA Grant Awards


Award # Grantee Organization Name City State Program Director
Last Name
Program Director
First Name
1 SP015220-01 PARTNERSHIP/YOUTH & COMM EMPOWERMENT South Burlington VT McBee Dennis $32,321
1 SP015225-01 SAFE CLIMATE COALITION OF LAKE COUNTY Yalaha FL MacIntyre Deborah $50,000
1 SP015231-01 CITY OF MIDDLETOWN Middletown NY Kimple Margaret $50,000
1 SP015253-01 GENESEE COUNCIL ON ALC/SUBTANCE ABUSE Batavia NY Bowman Maryann $50,000
1 SP015260-01 WAYSIDE YOUTH/FAMILY SUPPORT NETWORK Framingham MA Kurman Laura $50,000
1 SP015261-01 NATRONA COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 1 Casper WY Eickhoff-Johnson Brenda $49,980
1 SP015262-01 HEALTHY COMMUNITIES INITIATIVE South Bend IN Baker Beth $49,936
1 SP015265-01 MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL Boston MA Bowman Rosina $49,422
1 SP015268-01 COOPERATIVE EDUCATIONAL SERV AGENCY 5 Portage WI Belleau Tim $50,000
1 SP015269-01 MENDOCINO COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH DEPT Ukiah CA Seltzer Charlie $50,000
1 SP015277-01 UNITED WAY OF BROWARD COUNTY Ft. Lauderdale FL Kaufman Joel $50,000
1 SP015281-01 STUDENT ASSISTANCE SERVICES CORPORATION Tarrytown NY Bobe Cheryl $50,000
1 SP015282-01 CHARLOTTE ALLIANCE FOR A SAFE AND DFC Port Charlotte FL Chandler Amity $50,000
1 SP015283-01 METROPOLITAN DRUG COMMISSION, INC. Knoxville TN Haag Tyra $50,000
1 SP015287-01 PARTNERS IN PREVENTION-ROCK COUNTY, INC. Janesville WI Baldwin Kate $50,000
1 SP015289-01 OREGON PARTNERSHIP Portland OR Caplan Barbara $50,000
1 SP015291-01 DUBUQUE COUNTY SAFE YOUTH COALITION Epworth IA Silker Donna $50,000
1 SP015292-01 JOHNSON COUNTY SAFE HAVEN, INC. Mountain City TN Wachs Joy $50,000
1 SP015293-01 COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP/YOUTH & FAMILIES North Branch MN Koplitz Thomas $50,000
1 SP015295-01 NEW NORTH CITIZEN'S COUNCIL, INC. Springfield MA Denney Michael $50,000
1 SP015296-01 CITY OF WOONSOCKET Woonsocket RI Carcifero Lisa $50,000
1 SP015300-01 RURAL AMERICA INITIATIVES Rapid City SD Colhoff Linda $50,000
1 SP015301-01 LONG BEACH MEDICAL CENTER Long Beach NY Hincken Patricia $50,000
1 SP015302-01 ARCHDIOCESE DRUG ABUSE/PREV PROGRAM Bronx NY Maturo Frances $50,000
1 SP015303-01 CALLOWAY COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION Murray KY Kraemer Dottie $50,000
1 SP015305-01 AMITYVILLE UNION FREE SCHOOL DISTRICT Amityville NY Velez Ray $50,000
1 SP015310-01 COUNTY OF WYOMING Warsaw NY McClurg Judy $50,000
1 SP015311-01 CENTER PREVENTION AND COUNSELING Newton NJ Adolphe Barbara $50,000
1 SP015312-01 PIEDMONT COMMUNITY SERVICES Martinsville VA Favero Bonnie $49,753
1 SP015314-01 PROJECT HELP Sacramento CA Stanionis Trisha $50,000
1 SP015315-01 HELENA SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 1 Helena MT Furshong Joseph $50,000
1 SP015316-01 UNITED WAY OF THE OZARKS, INC. Springfield MO Haddow Melissa $49,947
1 SP015322-01 COUNTY OF MISSOULA Missoula MT Seel Peggy $50,000
1 SP015326-01 WESTCHESTER COUNTY DEPT OF PUBLIC SAFETY White Plains NY Meier Thomas $50,000
1 SP015327-01 VISTA COMMUNITY CLINIC Vista CA Mannino Barbara $50,000
1 SP015328-01 BUCKS CNTY CNCL/ALCOHLSM & DRG DEPENDNCE Doylestown PA Haberle Beverly $50,000
1 SP015329-01 SGA YOUTH AND FAMILY SERVICES Chicago IL Migalski Ronald $50,000
1 SP015331-01 TROY COMMUNITY COALITION Troy MI Comiskey Ann $50,000
1 SP015338-01 NORTHEAST COMMUNITIES AGAINST SUB ABUSE Dayville CT Brex Robert $50,000
1 SP015339-01 MAKIN IT HAPPEN CLTN FOR RESILIENT YOUTH Manchester NH Argie Kelley $50,000
1 SP015370-01 VAN BUREN COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT Keosauqua IA Stinson Karen $50,000
1 SP015372-01 GWINNETT COALITION/HEALTH & HUMAN SRVS Lawrenceville GA Gerstein Ellen $50,000
1 SP015377-01 IRVINE UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT Irvine CA Colocino Nancy $50,000
1 SP015380-01 EAST OF THE RIVER ACTION/SUBSTANCE ABUSE East Hartford CT Smith Bonne $50,000
1 SP015381-01 COUNTY OF LAKE Lakeview OR Utley Debbie $50,000
1 SP015390-01 CITY OF BLOOMINGTON Bloomington MN O'Connell Eileen $50,000
1 SP015398-01 GRANT COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT Lancaster WI Marty Kathy $50,000
1 SP015399-01 EL DORADO HILLS COMMUNITY VISION, INC. El Dorado Hills CA Peterson DJ $50,000
1 SP015402-01 COUNCIL ON ALCOHOLISM AND DRUG ABUSE Santa Barbara CA Jenkins Penny $50,000
1 SP015405-01 PREVENTION LINKS Clark NJ Capaci Pamela $50,000
1 SP015407-01 CITIZENS AGAINST SUBSTANCE ABUSE Flagstaff AZ Leto Connie $50,000
1 SP015408-01 UNITED WAY OF YELLOWSTONE COUNTY, INC. Billings MT Lundgren Kristin $50,000
1 SP015410-01 CITY OF CAMBRIDGE Cambridge MA Rots Gisela $50,000
1 SP015413-01 BIRMINGHAM GROUP HEALTH SERVICES Ansonia CT Mautte Pamela $49,973
1 SP015419-01 MADISON COUNTY COUNCIL ON ALCOHOLISM Canastota NY Campanie Maureen $50,000
1 SP015422-01 ROCKINGHAM MEM HOSP (HARRISONBURG, VA) Harrisonburg VA Reeves Cindy $50,000
1 SP015423-01 ANDERSON VALLEY UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT Boonville CA Schenck Colleen $50,000
1 SP015437-01 TOGETHER! Lacey WA Cooper Jim $50,000
1 SP015443-01 WALTERS PUBLIC SCHOOLS Walters OK Billy Jennifer $48,717
1 SP015449-01 SANTA MARIA JOINT UNION HIGH SCHOOL DIST Santa Maria CA Menchaca Teresa $49,951
1 SP015452-01 HAMPSHIRE EDUCATIONAL COLLABORATIVE Northampton MA Cairn Susan $50,000
1 SP015457-01 LAKE COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT Waukegan IL Andersen Kristine $50,000
1 SP015469-01 CAPE MAY COUNTY COUNCIL ALCOHOLISM & DA Wildwood NJ Mounce Kim $50,000
1 SP015471-01 CARY MEDICAL CENTER Caribou ME Desrosiers Clare $50,000
1 SP015473-01 CASTRO VALLEY UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT Castro Valley CA Cross Traci $50,000
1 SP015475-01 CATHOLIC CHARITIES OF ST. CLOUD DIOCESE St. Cloud MN Marshall Emerson Kathy $50,000
1 SP015477-01 SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY DRUG/ALC SERVICES San Luis Obispo CA Warrren Frank $50,000
1 SP015484-01 INFORMED FAMILIES/FLA FAM PARTNERSHIP Miami FL Arceo Marisol $50,000
1 SP015487-01 COALITION/DRUG FREE GREATER CINCINNATI Cincinnati OH Haag Mary $50,000
1 SP015489-01 COALITION FOR A DRUG-FREE HAWAII Honolulu HI Kameoka Cheryl $50,000
1 SP015490-01 CITY OF MASON CITY Mason City IA Schissel Mary $50,000
1 SP015496-01 FRANKLIN REGIONAL COUNCIL OF GOVERNMENTS Greenfield MA Stoler Rachael $50,000
1 SP015501-01 GREENVILLE FAMILY PARTNERSHIP Greenville SC Reeves Carol $50,000
1 SP015502-01 SAN JUAN COUNTY PARTNERSHIP, INC. Farmington NM Mc Clenny Laura $50,000
1 SP015510-01 NORTH COUNTRY HEALTH CONSORTIUM Whitefield NH McLeod Martha $50,000
1 SP015515-01 MEDICAL CARE DEVELOPMENT, INC. Augusta ME Schmitz Erica $50,000
1 SP015517-01 OPEN DOOR FAMILY MEDICAL CENTERS, INC. Ossining NY Farrell Lindsay $50,000
1 SP015526-01 COUNTY OF HOOD RIVER Hood River OR Yasui Maija $50,000
1 SP015528-01 HELPING SERVICES FOR NORTHEAST IOWA, INC Decorah IA Watson Linda $50,000

Last updated: 12/12/2008